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Mopoke Organic Fresh Produce.

22. Nov, 2016
Mopoke Hand Reared Fruit and Chillies
Each season we have good quantities of Jujubes, Persimmons, Custard Apples, Figs, Limes, Young Berries, Quince, Loquats, Chestnuts, Guava varieties and Chillies!! The really hot ones - Trinidad Scorpion, Ghosts and Scotch Bonnets. This summer our crop has grown really well from its feed of dairy cow poo and huge amounts of lovely Margaret River water and lots of sun. We have now put up bird nets so that we get to eat and sell our yummy produce.

We are happy to take orders. Figs will be ready in March, Persimmons mid-May, Custard apples in September. Berries are ripe around Christmas time and limes from May until October.
As well as lambs, we are growing yummy exotic fruits and Chilli plants - this is a Trinidad Scorpion Chilli bush.
Citrus - Tahitian Limes, Native Finger Limes and Lemonade fruit
We have good quantities of lemonade and Tahitian limes. Also, the Finger Limes are very ugly - but are awsome spread like caviar on top of a few of Jerry's oysters! we love Jerry's oysters as much as we love our Finger Limes.
Lemonade fruit tastes just like that - believe it or not! it even tastes bubbly even though obviously (dah!!) isn't.
Our Tahitian Limes are just fantastic, keep an eye out on this site for when the product is ready and being harvested and order some on-line or by phone.
Persimmons, Figs, Custard Apples and Jujubes
We have annual commercial crops of Persimmons and Figs and Jujujubes. We have 24 varieties of figs and 4 varieties of Jujubes. We have custard apples. We currently also have plenty of chestnuts, kaffir limes, guava varieties, quince and berries, pomegranites and loquats on a seasonal basis.
Chillis - hot hot hot!!!
We are growing Ghost Chillies as well as Trinidad Scorpions. We also have a great crop of Scotch Bonnet which are actually a capsicum variety but reasonably hot - but very sweet like a Capsi.

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bruce | Reply 22.01.2014 16.04

congrats deb! looks wonderful.

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Your marmalade is sensational and will never look at anything else after this !

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Have to come and check the little lambies out!

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Great for you and wonderfull way to enjoy life and build a business!!

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congrats deb! looks wonderful.

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